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Fall and Winter Scarf.jpg


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Emblematic of Pennsylvania’s colonial history, many of the design motifs represent the colonial furnishings in the Stenton Mansion. 


The scarf’s main motif features four shells, similar to those found on many of Stenton's furnishings. Uniting the four shells are vines, leaves, and four colonial styled chandeliers, each on incorporating a small Colonial Dame figure.

The center of the scarf show flowers from the Mountain Laurel, the Pennsylvania’s State flower.  The small hearts are from on architectural detail in Stenton’s entrance hall.

The Pennsylvania scarves are available in two colorways, Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter.  Each one or both will compliment any seasonal wardrobe.

Spring and Summer Scarf.jpg


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NSCDA Pouch Needlepoint Kit

NSCDA Pouch.jpg

A great way to store your NSCDA insignia and pins - this pouch was designed by NSCDA/PA member Carol Rush.

The Needlepoint kit comes with the floss, needle, and scissors.  Inside the pouch you will see the stitching instructions and information on how to correctly dispose of your NSCDA insignia and pins. 


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Stenton Raw Honey made by Instar Apiaries

This holiday season, give the sweet gift of honey, harvested at the NSCDA/PA museum property, Stenton, in Philadelphia by Instar Apiaries, run by urban beekeeper Jeff Eckel. This creamy raw honey comes from his collection of local hives, which have never been treated with chemicals and are anti-biotics-free. Available in 6 oz or 12 oz jars. For more info about Instar Apiaries, visit

6 oz Jar


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12 oz Jar


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Stenton Raw Honey.jpg

Stenton Guidebook

Stenton Guide Book.jpg

Written by Stenton Curator, Laura Keim, Stenton: A Visitor's Guide to the Site, History, and Collections contains the most up to date information on Stenton Museum and highlights from the collection.


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