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Membership Inquiries

What do we do in the Pennsylvania Society?


The NSCDA/PA maintains a current membership of approximately 500 members.  We preserve and operate  Stenton, an 18th century historic house museum once belonging to James Logan, Secretary to William Penn. In addition, we support several other historic house museums including Woodville, the home of John Neville, located in the Pittsburgh area, and are a leadership partner in the Historic Germantown consortium.  We offer a full schedule of educational programs, social events, and community engagement opportunities; we also sponsor or host projects relating to patriotic services, such as a school essay contest. Members enjoy meeting and working with like-minded women who share a strong interest in history, education and genealogy. This can involve actively helping with our historic houses, serving on a committee, or simply supporting our activities through membership dues and attendance at events. If these projects interest you, we hope you will consider joining us.



What is the Membership Process?


The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania membership is by invitation only and is managed at the state level. It is based on lineage and dedication to the Society’s mission. Our members are direct descendants of an ancestor who lived in an American colony and who rendered service to the colonies before July 5, 1776. An applicant first needs to identify an appropriate ancestor who gave significant service to the colony before July 4, 1776. A good place to identify a potential ancestor is to look on the ancestor bibliography register on the NSCDA website. Resources relating to an ancestor may be found by clicking on the name of the ancestor in the Index.


Once a colonial ancestor has been identified, an application to become a candidate must be voted on by the Board of Managers. This requires the support of a proposer and seconder. After being invited to become a candidate, a genealogist is assigned to work with the individual to help her acquire the proper documents to prove blood relationship, i.e. birth certificates, marriage license, etc. Upon completion of her lineage papers, signed by the genealogist and the registrar, a formal invitation is mailed to the candidate.


Where Can I Find More Information?


Please contact Adriana Robinson, Executive Assistant for the NSCDA/PA, for more information if you are interested. If you are related to a Dame in the NSCDA, please provide her name and Society of membership.


Adriana Robinson

(215) 735-6737

Not sure you have a qualifying ancestor? Our Registrar can help!

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